When I started this website, or more correctly when others insisted that I needed to start this website, I had the best of intentions. For several months I did a decent job of updating it with what I thought was useful content for you, my fans and fellow gardeners. And judging from the thousands of emails I received along the way – many of which I’ll cherish forever -- you enjoyed what I had to say.

But as most of you have noticed, my interest began to wane a few months ago, to the point where I ultimately stopped contributing any new information. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve decided to effectively shut down my website.

It’s not that it takes too much time or too much money to maintain the site, or that I don’t enjoy being part of the online gardening community. It’s just that maintaining a website isn’t my thing.

I am going to leave this page up so that folks can contact me for personal appearances or for business opportunities. And I’ll continue to read emails from those of you who simply want to reach out and say hi. But beyond that, the site is and will likely remain inactive.

Before I issue my last farewell, let me say that I’ve been deeply touched by the many sincere and heartfelt comments I’ve received since launching the website. I wish all of you the best in your garden, and in your life.

Farewell to All,


To request information regarding my availability for personal appearances or business opportunities, email me at